AUUC Welland

Part of the AUUC Welland Branch is Welland Mandolin Orchestra, Women's Choir and Weland Senior Citizen Club..

TThe Association of United Ukrainian Canadians in Welland has promoted, nurtured and supported cultural activities right from its inception.
.In 1917, a Ukrainian Labour Temple was constructed at the end of Sixth Street in Welland near the Welland Canal. It was not only Welland's first Ukrainian Community Centre but was also the first Ukrainian Labour Temple in Canada..

As soon as it was built, a drama club began to function and a few years later, a Ukrainian language school was begun. With volunteers doing the teaching, the schooling was provided at no cost to the parents of the children who attended.
From these early beginnings the first Mandolin Orchestra was initiated in 1926. This same year the Hall was moved to its present location on the corner of Ontario Road and Beatrice Street.

Aside from the Orchestra many of the same activities are carried on today by the next generation of children who are now the elders in the organization.

The Welland A.U.U.C. is proud of its contribution to the City of Welland and the entire Region of Niagara and is so recognized by the area.

In the post-war years, national festivals, held in various localities, won great recognition for our association and displayed the richness of Ukrainian culture before many thousands of our fellow Canadians.

The newly formed Toronto English-speaking branch took its place along side the men and women's branches of our newly named AUUC. The branch was large and active in promoting The Ukrainian Canadian newspaper, in the English language, commencing in 1947 and in volunteering to enhance the Camp Palermo grounds-both major initiatives. Camp Palermo